Cocktails and Dreams by A L Michael Review


A heart-warming novel with characters you’ll love, don’t miss this first in a new series for romance, laugh-out-loud comedy and a feel-good ending. Perfect for fans of Mhairi McFarlane and Lindsey Kelk.

I was seven years old when I realized my mother was not a great person…

Since Savvy was abandoned by her rockstar mother, she has craved a normal life. But after years of financing her boyfriend’s lacklustre career, he leaves her when he hits the bigtime.

Savvy’s friends at the burlesque club where she serves elaborate cocktails encourage her to make bold changes in her life. She soon meets handsome bartender Milo, and begins to plan a future she can be excited about.

But when Savvy’s estranged mother crashes back into her life, her newfound happiness is under threat… will Savvy have the courage to pursue her dreams?

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Where do I start with this wonderful book? The well-drawn, relatable characters perhaps, or the gripping and descriptive writing? Maybe I should talk about the compelling central romance or the delicious cocktails contained within its pages? Because believe me guys, this book has it all.

Savannah Curtis’s story starts on the worst day of her life – the day her rockstar mum Persephone Black left her with her aunt Jenny and went off to tour the world. Since then, Savvy’s tried her best to blend into the background and create as little fuss as possible, so more people around her don’t leave her. So when her minor celebrity boyfriend dumps her, she realises it’s time to take on the world.

I absolutely loved Savvy. She was well-drawn and very easy to relate to. I could really identify with her deep-seated fear of people leaving her and it was a joy to see her development throughout the story. She grew in confidence and realised she was enough, that people weren’t always going to walk away. I also loved reading about her romance with Milo the bartender. He was utterly lovely and I kind of wish he was real! He was also a well-rounded character, with flaws and his own demons to battle. Although he and Savvy butted heads at times, they really did work well as a couple and I adored their pairing.

Cocktails and Dreams sparkles and fizzes like one of Savvy’s delicious cocktails. A L Michael has produced a fun, summery read with depth and a host of characters that have stayed with me long after reading ‘The End’.

Author Bio and Links

A.L. Michael is hurtling towards the end of her twenties a little too quickly. She is the author of nine novels. Her most recent collection of books, The Martini Club Series, will start with Cocktails and Dreams, released 24th July 2017. She likes to write about sassy females who follow their dreams, and don’t take no for an answer.

She is a Creative Therapeutic Facilitator, currently researching the power of creative writing to be helpful in recovering from eating disorders, and believes in the power of writing to heal.

You can find out more about A.L. Michael at (surprisingly) and on twitter @almichael_

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