All For You by Kristina O’Grady Review

all for you


Is it time for a second chance at love?

When Lily left her home town – and the love of her life Wade – 8 years ago to start her acting career she had big plans to make her dream a reality. However, a few dead end jobs and one dead end relationship later she is back to make a fresh start with the only good thing to come out it all – her unborn baby.

Lily soon realises however that the heart wants what the heart wants, and hers clearly still wanted Wade Copeland! Can they overcome the hurt and pain of the past to allow themselves a future?

The third novel in the sizzlingly sexy Copeland Ranch romance trilogy from Kristina O’Grady


Book 1 – I Choose You

Book 2 – Because of You

Book 3 – All For You


I’m absolutely thrilled to share my review of this book. It was a sexy, sweet romance that is perfect for curling up with on a rainy day. I read it in two sittings and I think you guys will too! The Copeland Ranch series can be read in order or as standalones.

Our main character in this- the third book in the series- is Lily. She’s a dreamer, who had big plans when she left her hometown for the bright lights of fame and fortune. However, eight years later, things aren’t going so well. She’s gone from dead-end job to dead-end job and her love life isn’t faring much better. So she goes back to her hometown and runs into the love of her life, Wade Copeland. The spark between them clearly hasn’t gone, so can they find their way back to each other and let go of the hurt between them?

What I liked about this book was the balance between sexy and sweet. The bond between Lily and Wade was tender and real, while there were some pretty steamy moments between them too! The chemistry between them sparkled and crackled and leapt off the page. The setting, Copeland Rach, was richly described and I felt as though I was there, wearing a checked shirt and cowboy hat. This was a story that I readily lost myself in; hours flew by without me realising when I was reading it.

Although this book can be read as a standalone, I would highly recommend checking out all of Kristina O’Grady’s books, purely for the fantastic writing and memorable characters. All of You was a great addition to a wonderful series and will please romance and cowboy fans alike.

Buy it here (UK) or here (US)


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