Extract from I’ll Take New York by Miranda Dickinson

When I found out I was lucky enough to be one of the early readers of Miranda’s fantastic new book I’ll Take New York, happy didn’t even begin to cover it. It’s out on December 4th featuring brand new characters, plus some old favourites you may recognise.

Can’t wait till then? Here’s a sneak preview!

Hudson River Books, 8th Avenue, Brooklyn


‘Babe, all I want is to make it up to you.’

They had been battling for almost an hour and Bea could feel her resolve beginning to wane. Through it all Otis had stared directly at her in that startling, confident way of his – a weapon that was devastatingly disarming when used to its full effect. He had reached for her hand and managed to hold it for a few seconds before her anger resurged and she pulled it away. Now he was sitting a small distance from her, wearing an expression that begged her to move closer. She rubbed her eyes and wished she had been able to make it out of the door before he had arrived. 

‘I’m just so tired of fighting,’ she said, her thoughts becoming words before she could stop them.

‘And so am I. We’ve been here before, Bea, and we’ve always made it back.’

‘Maybe this time is different.’

Why was her love life so complicated? Why, when everyone around her seemed capable of finding halfway decent partners, did she struggle? Bea didn’t consider herself a demanding girlfriend; neither did she experience problems meeting men. But somewhere between the initial spark and the middle of a relationship the problems began – growing and tangling and balling up until she found herself with an unsatisfactory, untrustworthy partner in a situation more akin to a battle of wills than a productive partnership.


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