Dan Taylor is Giving Up on Women by Neal Doran

Every once in a while, a story comes along that for whatever reason just captures your imagination. This happened for me with Dan Taylor is Giving Up on Women by Neal Doran. I originally found it on Wattpad and made a resolution to read it as soon as I’d finished my umpteenth job application. Little did I know, however, that I’d found it the very day it was due to be taken down! I was gutted at missing the opportunity to read what promised to be a great story, so imagine my delight when I saw on Twitter that it was being published!

The story starts with Dan and his two best friends, married couple Rob and Hannah, discussing his latest disastrous attempt to find the Love of His Life. It soon becomes apparent that Dan has a knack for trouble where women are concerned, leading Rob and Hannah to hatch a plan- they’re taking control of his love life. He reluctantly agrees, finding himself in a host of comical situations as searching for the woman of his dreams takes some disastrous turns. However, the biggest twist comes when Dan realises the person he’s been looking for is closer than he thinks…

I absolutely loved this book. Neal Doran created likeable characters who were easy to relate to and put them in an amusing, engaging plot. I think everyone knows someone like Dan, or will wish they did by the end of the book! His journey throughout the book is a humorous and touching one as he learns to care a little less about what everyone else thinks. He starts out as someone very polite who wants everyone around him to be happy but realises by the end that sometimes getting what you want means breaking the rules a little. His laddish best pal Rob and his long-suffering wife Hannah add valuable dimensions to the story as their good intentions land Dan in all kinds of trouble. I liked how his relationships with them were developed and slices of their shared history provided a deeper insight into their characters. I knew what I wanted to happen right away and without spoiling too much, the ending is well worth waiting for.

From the moment you begin to read the story, the characters will welcome you with open arms. They’ll invite you into an edgy, sharp, punchy story with plenty of twists and turns and more than enough laugh-out-loud moments to keep you completely engrossed. Read it, read it now!



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