Extract from Chasing Rainbows

Life is littered with little moments of perfection. Sometimes you have to look hard, but you’ll always find them. As I lay next to Evie, I knew I’d found one of my perfect moments. She looked so peaceful as she slept; a few strands of hair fell across her face, but she was perfect. I stroked her face and smiled before lying back down and draping my arm around her. Whenever I’d stayed round at a girl’s place before, I’d mentally planned my escape route and couldn’t wait to leave. That day though, I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. Lying next to Evie was more than enough. She stirred and turned to face me, a great beaming smile on her face.

‘You still here?’ she joked. ‘Can’t get rid of you, can I?’ I shook my head and leaned in to kiss her.

‘Stuck with me now, I’m afraid,’ I laughed.


2 thoughts on “Extract from Chasing Rainbows

    • Lynsey James says:

      Not too bad thanks! Nearly 200 pages in. Changing the title was definitely a good move. Working out the kinks of adding Jack’s story arc but overall I’m happy with the progress. How’s TFT going?

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