The Perfect Guy- Hmm….

Well, I’ve finally introduced Jack into the story. He’s only featured in a short section so far but there will be more from him shortly. It was quite an emotional moment as I wrote his first appearance as I’ve never progressed this far before. It makes me feel like I could really finish the book and subsequently send it off for consideration.

One thing that’s always bothered me about romantic novels is why is the lead male so damn perfect?! I know the idea is to make the reader fall in love with them and subconsciously wish their other half was more like them, but I for one would rather read about someone who was a little rough around the edges. A good example would be Adam in I Remember You by Harriet Evans or Toby in 31 Dream Street by Lisa Jewell. He’s got a multitude of problems but I found myself falling madly in love with him anyway! In my opinion, the romantic male feels far more realistic if there’s shades of light and dark. By all means, make them charming and funny and have sparkling conversation but don’t make them irritatingly perfect!

I’m hoping to create a realistic romantic male in Jack. He’s got more than a few skeletons in his closet (still to be written but planned out in my head) and doesn’t always come out with cliched chat up-lines whenever Evie’s around. He certainly doesn’t always say the right thing and has a habit of putting his foot in it and pushing people away (reasons to be revealed later) By making him realistic, I’m hoping the readers warm to him and find him enjoyable to read. I’ve read a few books where the romantic lead has been sickly sweet and feels almost too good to be true. Conversely, I’ve read books where the male lead has been an utter joy to read but the main reason for this is because they’ve been written in a realistic way. They haven’t been Prince Charming in the popular sense but have totally embodied Prince Charming in other, more quirky ways.


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