Breakups, Shake-ups and Chapters from the Cutting Room Floor

July 27th 2012

A lot has changed, both story-wise and me-wise, since the last time I posted. It’s been a rough couple of days due to a change in my relationship status, but I’m an upbeat wee soul and remain optimistic for the future. After all, you never know what can happen right?

Well, that takes care of the break-ups part of the post! Now for the shake-ups. I have done some serious editing on The Dream List and it’s now looking more polished than ever. I’m a firm believer in editing as you write. In a typical week, I’ll have maybe five writing days and two editing days. I’ll write a chunk of new content then go back and check that everything gels and that I’ve not made any glaring errors. In my opinion, it saves a lot of time and can help you stick with a story if you’ve found it particularly difficult to write in places. It can also highlight plot holes that, in a bigger section of story, could be harder to fix. So take a tip from me: take a couple of days a week just to look over what you’ve got and make little tweaks if you need to :).

Finally, I managed to come across the very first draft of The Dream List (eek!) I read it and it is a million miles away from the draft I’m working on now. I’ve changed the person it’s written in, characters have been cut, twists have been changed… It may as well be two different stories. I had originally deleted that draft, along with the second draft, but I rescued them from the Recycle Bin and found some surprisingly good material hidden amongst the plot holes, dialogue clashes and grammatical errors! It’s nice to see how it’s progressed from the idea I got whilst standing at the Returns Desk at work to what it is now. I’m roughly a quarter finished and, although there’s still loads more to do, it’s definitely progressed. May even post some cringey extracts from previous drafts later on!

Keep smiling :)!



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