The Curse of the Rewrite!

June 26th 2012

Apologies for the lack of posts! Life has been crazy busy at the moment, not least with writing The Dream List! Have finally let my boyfriend read it and, although it wasn’t his type of thing (obv!) he gave it some great feedback. When I was doing one of my famous read-throughs, however, I spotted a section I thought needed changing (can’t tell you which as it’s not on the site and it’s majorly spoiler-y for what happens!) To cut a long story short, I have now ended up rewriting three chapters instead of one tiny section. My mum- my biggest fan and most honest critic- said I need to just be happy with it and I explained that, for a writer, that is much easier said than done!

Bought the latest edition of the Writers and Artists Yearbook. For anyone looking to break into writing, I’d recommend this book. It’s packed full of advice about literary agents, submitting work, publishers and other useful things. I’m not at the submission stage (evidently from my massive rewrite!) but when I am, I want to be prepared. I know that one day, I’ll have to sit back and let The Dream List be finished and I will, but only when it’s as perfect as I can get it. I genuinely can’t wait to let everyone dive into Evie’s world, but I also want to deliver a quality product. It’s been a real labour of love and, when it’s the best it can possibly be, I’ll hopefully be able to get it published.

Keep Smiling!


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