Diary of an Aspiring Author #8

June 3rd 2012

The Big Reveal has been written! Got a few minor tweaks to do but, by and large, the first major twist in The Dream List is done! There’s plenty more to come though! Felt so proud reaching that landmark yesterday; it felt like a real milestone. It made all the time I spent staring at the screen wondering “what on earth do I write next?” seem worth it. On the bus to work on Friday, I made a decision to change the twist and, now it’s written, I can honestly say I made the right decision. I’ve made it seem realistic and you guys (hopefully) won’t see it coming. This story is just getting started and I really hope I get to share it with everyone one day.

Filled with ideas for the next section I’m going to write and I’m going to get started on that today as soon as I’ve finished tweaking The Big Reveal. I can’t wait to take Evie out her comfort zone and put her in some challenging and fun situations. There’s still so many characters to introduce too, but I’ll spend a bit of time developing them in my already-huge planning file before writing them into the story. Some are nice, some aren’t so nice! By the end, I’m hoping to have a good mix and that each will make a different impact to the story. I think it’s important to have nasty characters in a story; not everyone is nice! They provide a good contrast to the protagonist and writing some barbed comments can be fun!


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