Diary of an Aspiring Author #6

May 29th 2012

Can’t believe my blog is a week old already! A massive thank you to everyone who’s viewed my posts so far; we’re only just getting started. You’ll get to meet the characters pretty soon; just deciding how to do it without revealing too much about them. I’m loving getting to know them as I write more and I’m hoping you will too.

The thing that’s been bugging me recently is how to create a believable romance. In all the books I’ve read recently, the writers have all had unqiue ways of cultivating a believable, realistic relationship between the two protagonists. I know exactly how I’m going to bring mine together (never let it be said I’m not organised; my planning file is bigger than my novel) but I’m worried that I’ll do it in a way that doesn’t transfer well to the readers. I like to think that Evie and Jack are both relatable characters so I have to make the plot fit with that. Doesn’t mean I can’t add a sprinkle of magic though… Keep reading the blog to find out what that means. All I’ll say is that magic comes in all shapes and forms.



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