Diary of an Aspiring Author #4


The ugly beast that rears its head when writers have the best of intentions! For me, it’s worse than writer’s block. It’s not that I can’t write; it’s that I’m far too easily distracted by things around me. Twitter is usually the worst culprit, followed by Sporcle quizzes and my extensive music collection. Music while I’m writing never helps unless it’s my writing playlist. It always sends my imagination off on a tangent and I end up writing about five words before deciding to give up for the day. I’ve been suffering from chronic procrastination for the past couple of days. I’ve been promising myself I’ll write the Big Twist in The Dream List and I haven’t. Part of the reason is I’ve been hideously busy, but I think it’s also because I don’t want the story to peak too early. I really want to make it a success and it’s like I’m scared to write the Big Twist in case I don’t have anything else to write after it. Which is silly, I know.

So, I’ve decided to tackle my procrastination head on. I’m going to switch off my internet, disconnect my headphones and just write. Not before I’ve added my latest blog entry, of course! Will be adding more sections in the coming weeks and reviewing more book, so keep visiting!



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