Diary of an Aspiring Author #2

May 24th 2012

Would first of all like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s visited the site so far! It’s only been up and running for two days but have already had lots of good feedback about the story. I’ll post more in the coming weeks, but want to concentrate on writing more of the novel first. Plus, if I post the whole novel online, there’ll be no reason for anyone to buy the book if it gets published!

Was out for a girly lunch with a friend I haven’t seen for ages today. I always think it’s amazing how much people you meet can inspire a plot idea or a character. A phrase they say or a story they tell can spark off a chain reaction in my head and, before I know it, a story has formed! When creating Evie and Jack, I took elements from different people I’ve met over the years and even put bits of myself in the mix. After all, a good book character always has an element of the writer in them! Although I haven’t started writing for Jack yet, I already know that I don’t want him to be the typical romantic male who’s all sweetness and light while Tom is the villain of the piece. I want all the characters to feel real, so there’ll be shades of light and dark in all of them. Nobody’s perfect are they?

Just like I predicted, the writer’s block has lifted and I’ve made a solid start on chapter 5. I’m only about 26 pages in but I’m exactly where I want to be. Can’t wait to write the first twist….not far away now!

Keep visiting and giving feedback 🙂



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